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What to Bring to the Folly Beach | Charleston, SC

25 May What to Bring to the Folly Beach | Charleston, SC

What to Bring to the Folly Beach, South Carolina

5 Things to Bring to the Beach - Folly Beach, Charleston SCIt’s Summer 2016, and that means Folly Beach will be full of locals and tourists who are looking to enjoy great times with family and friends on the beach. Most people either bring too little or too much when they come to Folly Beach in South Carolina. So to help you out, here’s our List of 5 Things to Bring to the Beach for a perfect day.


Having an event or possibly a wedding in Folly Beach this summer? Be sure to rent some High-End Beach Rentals from Folly Beach Chair Company. Even if you’re just coming to Folly Beach in a small group, you can rent a canopy, umbrella, and beach chairs. We have you covered in the chair department, but here are 5 Things to Bring to the Beach!

Our List of 5 Things to Bring to the Beach


  1. Let’s start with what not to bring to Folly Beach. You are not allowed to:


  • No dogs allowed between 10am-6pm as of May 1st until the season closes out on September 30th. During any other time, your dog must be leashed and controlled. Any dog waste has to be removed properly from the beach immediately.
  • No consumption or possession of alcohol
  • No fireworks or open bonfires
  • No littering
  • No surfing without a leash.


From May 15th to September 15th you will not be allowed to surf between 10AM-6PM starting on 2nd Street East to 3rd Street West where all the swimmers unit. From September 16th to May 14th, you can surf in any area as long as it’s 200 feet from the fishing pier.


  1. Folly Beach, South Carolina has the most beach activities around which is why travelers go directly to the shore of the island and spend several days paddle boarding, kayaking, and deep sea fishing. If you are partaking in any of these water sports, you can bring your own paddleboard, paddle, and fishing tackle. Remember that these are water sports and if all goes well, you will be wet! So bring a change of clothes and a towel to stay warm and dry outside of the water.


  1. Folly Beach is an excellent place to surf in Charleston so long as you follow the protocol on the times to surf during the summer season. If you’re coming to surf, bring your bathing suit, towel, a change of clothing, and your board if you have one. If you don’t, you can always choose to rent one on the beach. Once you hit that water, make sure you do some of your best surf poses because you may get caught by the Surf line cameras!


  1. Watching the dolphins and whales can be an excellent activity to do in Folly Beach so if you’ve added it to your agenda, make sure you bring comfortable clothing that can get wet, a camera, and a towel.


  1. Sunscreen must be at the top of your list of things to bring to the beach so that you protect yourself, your friends, and your family while enjoying the outdoor activities. We recommend that you put your sunscreen on before arriving at the beach, and reapply throughout the day. There is a broad spectrum of SPF protection available in stores, but we recommend an SPF 30 product that will protect you from the sun.


  1. Bring various forms of payment! There is so much to do in Folly Beach, and you change your plans for the day once you’re here and see what everyone else is enjoying. You may find yourself renting equipment or booking a beautiful sailboat charter that you hadn’t anticipated. Don’t deprive yourself of a good time due to lack of planning ahead. Bring cash and credit cards to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the exciting activities offered at Folly Beach in South Carolina.
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