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We created WhaleTales Living Classrooms with a focus on Ecological Education, Environmental Protection, Conservancy and Stewardship of Folly Beach Wildlife and Natural Resources.


WhaleTales Living Classrooms has provided educational day trips to Folly Beach for school-aged children with challenging backgrounds from around the Lowcountry for 6 years and growing.


At our core we strive to operate in a manner that lifts up and serves the community we are a part of. Rooted in Volunteerism, Community Activism, Charitable Support and Philanthropy, we believe in giving back to the community that supports us.

Collaborating with Educators, local After-School programs, School Field Trip Coordinators, local education based Non Profits and Environmental and Conservation Agencies, WhaleTales Living Classrooms goal is to provide, educate and inspire a lifelong passion and love for the eco-system and wildlife surrounding us, free of charge to the many kids in the Low Country who may not have such an opportunity.
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  • Children as well as adults who are currently underprivileged or underserved will be able to participate FREE in the many fun and educational Tours, Day Camps, Beach Sweeps and other activities designed to teach and foster stewardship of the beach, ocean, rivers, dunes and wildlife.


  • Educational sessions with members of the Folly Beach Ocean Rescue and Folly Beach Junior Lifeguard Programs promoting water safety and awareness can be offered. Programs like these help inspire many driven young people to become future Lifeguards!


  • Enjoy activities with the Folly Beach Turtle Team! Learn about the plight of our beloved Sea Turtles and how we can promote and protect these creatures and their environment.


  • WhaleTales Living Classrooms will engage in creating and organizing new Charitable Fundraising Events and continue to aid other organizations aspiring to serve our community and its people.

Are you an educator or overseer of a program that works with kids? Would your group like to participate? Get in touch and let us know!

Ready to contribute? We’d love that!